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How to add a Suppression file or Phone Number
How to add a Suppression file or Phone Number

Uploading a suppression list and adding phone numbers to suppression

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Log into your platform

To add a suppression file look on the left hand side and select “Suppression” 

Select “Suppression Lists”

Either click on the large box to look up your file to upload, or drag the file into the box to upload. (Note: The file must be in CSV format)

You can add a phone number manually by going to “Suppression” – “Add Number”. 

Enter the phone number one line at a time and click the “Suppress” button.

You can look up a phone number or download a suppression list by going to “Suppression” – “Number Lookup”. 

Type in the phone number to look up a number. 

Select a date range and click “Get Report” to download the suppression list 

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