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How to Configure Your Account
How to Configure Your Account

Setting your account settings and configuration

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Log into your account

At the top right corner, click on your name and then “Configuration”

Set your business hours by clicking on the drop downs labeled “Business Open” and Business Close”. If you like, these times can be overridden when you create a campaign. Campaigns will not run outside of the open and close hours you designate here or when setting up a campaign.  

Check the “Weekdays Only” checkbox if you will only be running during weekdays. Leave unchecked if you will be running campaigns during weekends.

Set your “Time Zone” by clicking on the drop down labeled “Time Zone”.

Place your forward number in the field labeled “Forward Number”. This simply activates call forwarding. Your forward number for receiving inbound calls will be placed in the call/route group you create. (Note: Make sure to have a 1 in front of your phone number. No spaces or special characters. There must be a number here for call forwarding to work. If you do not have a forwarding number insert a place holder, for example: 15556667777)

The system has a set of default tokens. The tokens are used to map data fields from your list to the system. You may add custom tokens based on the data in your list that you will want to map into an SMS message. (Ex. Address, City, State, Zip). Make sure to enter custom tokens one line at a time.

If you are a member of the Blacklist Alliance, you can place your API Key here. This will allow you to scrub the list you upload against the Blacklist database. For information on The Blacklist Alliance see 

If you have a DNC SANs number you can place it in the field labeled “DNC SANs” to scrub the lists you upload against the National Do Not Call Registry. 

You can enable the stop word list by clicking the checkbox labeled “Enable STOP Suppression”. Once enabled, if anyone replies with a word or phrase listed in the stop word list, they will be automatically added to the internal suppression database and you will no longer be able to contact them. You may add additional words or phrases as you see fit. (Note: these words and phrases will be based on Exact Match. It is not case sensitive)  

If you would like your suppressions to post to a 3rd party platform, you may place your “Suppression POST URL” in the box below. 

If you would like to have an automated SMS message sent out to anyone that matches a stop word in the stop word list, you can place your message content in the box labeled “Send Stop Confirmation”. 

If you would like to identify the messages that match a stop word in your messenger, click the “Show STOP Requests” check box. 

If you would like to have an automated SMS message go out to anyone that replies with the word “HELP”, then place your SMS text in the box labeled “Help Message”.

Make sure to click the “Auto Renew Phone Numbers” checkbox if you would like to keep your phone numbers each month. If left un-checked, you will lose your phone number after a month from the purchase date. Note: If left un-checked you may lose the ability to receive responses from the campaigns those numbers were associated with. 

Click the button “Save Configuration” to save your changes. 

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