Q: What is the spin token and how do I use it?

A: A spin toke allows you to change the value of a word or phrase in an SMS message. You simply change the val1, val2, val3 for the alternate values you want to insert. Each message that goes out will alternate through the different values. 





So if you sent this to 3 people, one would get Hi Name, then Hello Name, then Hey Name. This helps to change the content of your messages so that you are not sending the exact same message to everyone. This will keep your numbers healthy with a good reputation.  

You can use the spin toked at the beginning of your message like the example or anywhere else in the body of the message you like. You may want to change the ending of your message to alternate through Thank You, Talk to you soon, Have a great day. Make sure you send a test to yourself before deploying to your main list to make sure everything looks good on your end. 

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